Together we’re strong. I’d now like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to my longstanding partners for their trust and generous support:

Reinhard and Michael Hiesinger from the Novoflex company for their “Triopod”, which in my opinion is the most flexible and innovative tripod system that a mountain photographer can ever want.

Markus Nierhaus and Fujifilm, who have made it possible that I can at last have a very light and compact and yet extremely good camera (Fujifilm GFX 50s, X-Pro 2 and X-T2 ...) to take on mountain trips.

Björn Pados, Andreas Horn and the Zeiss company for their courage to produce such fantastic lenses as the “Touit”, “Loxia” and “Batis” series for the new and innovative world of mirrorless system cameras - always in combination with their extremely high demands on quality.

Werner Riethmann, Micheal Frank and the Lowa boot company for all the fantastic mountaineering and hiking boots that my models, assistants and I have used on so many trips.


Andi Ried, Hannah Berger and the Lowe Alpine company for their extremely well designed and high-quality rucksacks that have made many burdens easier to carry.

Norbert Sandner and the Patagonia company for their fantastic clothing and also for their ecological attitude, which is more important than ever nowadays.


Furthermore, my thanks go to the Komperdell company, the hiking and skiing poles manufacturers, and to Christoph Krah and the Beal company for all the mountaineering and climbing gear and to the Hapa Team for the wonderful photo bags and photo rucksacks from Tamrac.