The Team

Bernd Ritschel

Bernd Ritschel was born in 1963 in Wolfratshausen in Bavaria, Germany. Over the last 35 years he has travelled in many of the world’s mountain ranges and continents. On expeditions to the Himalayas, Alaska, the Andes or the Artic he has climbed mountains over 7000 metres. Initially an enthusiastic extreme mountaineer he has become an internationally acclaimed professional photographer. On long mountain traverses such as the Ski Transalp (2009) or the Dolomites Cross (2010) he lives out his great alpine passion more than ever before. Together with his wife Manuela and daughter Clarissa he lives in Kochel am See, their home since many years.

“A camera has been my constant companion in the mountains for more than 30 years. At the beginning I used a camera to document our trips and expeditions. This was followed by a period of thrilling and demanding commission jobs and advertising photography. In the next few years the theme of “mountains and light” will once again be the main emphasis for my photography. In particular in the Alps I want to go to those peaks and regions where I haven’t yet been, and to combine that with alpine mountaineering: authentic and emotional experiences, and back to the roots.”

Almost 100 trips have taken him to 68 countries and almost every mountain range in the world. The results include 30 illustrated books, five books on photography, numerous calenders and publications in practically every well-known German magazine. His phographs have been printed in many renowned magazines such as National Geopgraphic, Geo Stern, Geo Saison, Abenteur & Reisen, ADAC Spezials, and in almost every European outdoor and mountain magazine. He has participated in more than a dozen exhibitions all over Europe. Bernd Ritschel is now one of the most well-known mountain photographers and photojournalists in central Europe.

Manuela Ritschel

designs books, posters, folders, and she designed this homepage too.

Thus, photography, graphic design and prepress production are united under the same roof. Additionally, Manuela organizes and handles the common photo workshops for seven years now.

Claudia Weinbuch & Karina Stieler

Without our officeworkers we couldn’t master our daily work.
Their field of activity is:

slide archive, slide scanning, image editing, mailing activities